Why Have a Guidebook?


What Is the Attitude-Shift Process

from Employee To Entrepreneur?


Why Are We Talking Transitions?


What Is the Employee to

Entrepreneur Process?


How Is It Possible to Visualize

the Best Outcome?


What Are Some Tips to Keep

in Mind on This Journey?


How Does an Entrepreneur

Define Success?


How Does the Healthy

Entrepreneur Deal with Stress?


How About Some Inspiration

for the Journey?


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Where Are You Now?


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About the Author

What is your passion?



What activity could you

 pursue 24/7 without

 compensation and be

 very satisfied?



Are you ready for the

 journey from being an

 employee to becoming

 an entrepreneur?

The area of entrepreneurship is receiving a great deal of attention today on college campuses.  According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, in 1970 only 16 business schools in the U.S. offered entrepreneurship classes. 



Today more than 2000 colleges and universities offer at least one entrepreneurship course.  Often the focus has been on the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship, i.e., coming up with a good idea, creating a business model for it, and working the numbers to see if it can be profitable.



From Employee to Entrepreneur, A Journey Worth Taking addresses the internal process that any aspiring entrepreneur often goes through in making the change from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur.  



Truly this workbook is designed as a guidebook for this exhilarating and risky journey.  It is designed to confront the attitude-shifts involved in a practical and realistic way. 



It is a natural complement to other texts focused on the elements of entrepreneurship and how-to books on creating a successful business.



This Guidebook is utilized in concert with workshops and classes offered by Catherine Mich. 

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Catherine Mich holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from California State University, Los Angeles and is certified by William Bridges and Associates to conduct Managerial Organizational Transition Seminars. She is a transitions life coach, an educator, and leader of workshops and seminars where the goal is assisting participants  in processing transitions associated with major, and even some minor, changes.


During the past 25 years Catherine has been an active entrepreneur, owning or being a partner in several different businesses.   Over the past 15 years, while building her life coaching practice, she has been a full-time real estate agent.


Catherine Mich lives amidst the beauties of the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and is on the faculty of the Entrepreneur Institute of Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington

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